My Automatic Teaching Car


If you are looking for Automatic Driving Lessons in a Suzuki Swift, and you want to learn to drive in Cleckheaton then congratulations, you have found

your Automatic Driving Instructor in Cleckheaton!


Learning to drive is something that gives you the freedom in life to go wherever you choose, whenever you like. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make the process of learning an enjoyable, fun experience, by having driving lessons in a car that was chosen with the pupil in mind?


I have been a automatic driving instructor in Cleckheaton for over 14 years, and I have been driving for over 43 years.


When the time came to choose a new automatic driving school car, I wanted to make the best possible choice for the pupil and myself. I test drove a lot of automatic cars and decided to stick to the Automatic Suzuki Swift.


Automatic Driving Instructor Heckmondwike,

Batley and Morley

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