Automatic Driving Instructor Heckmondwike,

Batley and Morley

Please note all mobiles must be turned off during driving lessons that includes mine

´´The quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten´´

Charlotte F- Cleckheaton

Would highly recommend Stuart, lovely guy makes you feel very comfortable and at ease. He has given me the confidence to pass both theory and practical 1st time, thank you so much. xx


Jan J - Cleckheaton

If I was to describe Stuart, patient, honest, friendly with a great sense of humour. He is a brilliant instructor who will make you feel comfortable and put a structure to every lesson. He will continuously assess your driving and work out a plan with you. I enjoyed every single lesson and always felt I made progress. I could not have asked for a better instructor!

Tanya H - Cleckheaton

Absolutely fantastic instructor would highly recommend, after trying lots of different instructors over 5 years, I decided to stick with Stuart as he has the patience of a saint and understood me, thanks again, xx

Linzie Marie H - Liversedge

If you´re looking to learn to drive and want to do it in an Automatic car, Stuart is your man, patience of a saint, right from my first lesson I knew he was the one, very calm and excellent at controlling my nerves, I´m a very anxious person and he recognised that straight away and knew how to deal with it, thanks again Stuart you´re a star xx

Tanya P - Mirfield

What a find! I passed my driving test today first time with only 4 1/2 months of lessons with Stuart! He is patient and really good with nervous drivers like myself who have had previous bad experiences, but also can be firm when needed to push you to where you want to be. If you want a driving instructor who is going to get you ready to pass a test then Stuart isnt for you, if you want someone who is really going to teach you how to DRIVE and how to be confident on the road afterwards he is your man. I will say not the cheapest instructor around but you are paying for quality lessons and his pass rate speaks for itself... also the cracking conversations and giggles are all part of the service too! Thank you Stuart for helping me gain my independence and for the amazing new chapter that is about to open up for my family now we are on the road. I wish you all the best for the future.

Chloe G - Scholes

Absolutely amazing! Highly recommend, thank you so much Stuart, I still can’t believe it! I couldn’t thank you enough for your help guiding me through it, a lot of hard work payed off! Now to get my own car, thats number 2 in same family Mum then me both passed with yourself and both on our first attempt.

Donna C - Dewsbury

Stuart is the best driving instructor. He is very patient and helps you in every way possible and makes it easy way round for you. I´m going to miss you and my little car.
ps. don´t forget me xx


Sally B - Heckmondwike

Stuart is an amazing instructor who makes you feel at ease as soon as you get into the car, wonderful jolly person who can always make you laugh, thanks Stuart it´s been a great experience.

William H - Cleckheaton

Stuart is an amazing instructor, never had a dull moment with the guy constantly laughing with him, a very funny guy. Great teacher would recommend to anyone 100%.

Emma P - Cleckheaton

What a fantastic instructor, Stuart makes you feel at ease in the car and is fantastic at helping with nervous drivers. I had never driven a car and today after only 5 months learning I passed my test. If you are ever struggling to learn a manoeuvre Stuart finds different ways to make it sink in. He has the patience of a saint and is a great laugh.


Kim K - Mirfield

Thank you for been the best instructor...never thought passing my test was possible as you know I over think everything, but from the start you made me feel at ease whilst teaching me everything I needed to know...I will miss our weekly hour thank you for everything especially your patience.


Becky M -Morley

I would highly recommend Stuart to anyone interested in automatic driving lessons. He is amazingly calm and patient and has a superb sense of humour, Stuart’s teaching methods are comprehensive and dynamic; he skilfully customises his instruction and feedback helping you to learn and grow in confidence. Thank you Stuart!

Joanne  S - Brighouse

After a good 20 lessons with a different instructor (who made my nerves worse and I dreaded every single lesson), I got in touch with Stuart. It was a completely different experience, he made me feel relaxed and calm and we had a laugh too. Would recommend 100%. Thanks for everything, me and Sophie have already been adventuring since my pass yesterday! xx


Amy F - Morley

Absolute brilliant instructor had a lot of patience to work with me, went into my test very confident couldn´t of asked for anything more. Thanks Stuart xxx

Aimee R - Morley

Stuart has the patience of a saint, he had to repeat a few things a fair few times as I am a shift worker and a mum of a toddler, Stuart’s uses dash cam footage and I pad Tablet to enforce manoeuvres. I wouldn’t say we are of the same generation or mindset and we have differing opinions but he was able to communicate his valuable experience with me regardless. If you are reliable and in turn looking for a reliable, experienced instructor I would recommend.

Chloe W - Morley

Passed 1st Time

After trying and failing horribly at learning in a manual car I decided to try automatic. Stuart is so lovely and a genuine great guy, his calm and supportive nature meant I was able to not only learn how to drive but have confidence in my driving too. His friendliness and patience really makes all the difference for nervous people like me, Thanks Stuart! All the best for the future.

Amy C - Cleckheaton

Took a while and a few instructors but finally got the pass I wanted thank to Stuart and his patient, good humoured way of teaching. He puts you at complete ease and I haven’t had a lesson where I’m not laughing. All the best for the future

Laura M - Morley

Passed 1st Time

Would highly recommend Stuart, calm, patient and all around top guy. Stuart has helped me build confidence and today I passed so happy.

Olivia B - Morley

Can’t thank Stuart enough for all he’s done for me whilst teaching me to drive, Stuart’s very good at reassuring you and giving you all the confidence you need. He’s really prompt and efficient always ready to make you smile with his great sense of humour making learning to drive more fun than ever imagined. He believes in you and your abilities and has made learning to drive such a good experience. Thank you Stuart I would highly recommend him !

Sallie S - Morley

Passed 1st Time

Wow I can’t thank Stuart enough for his help in passing my test 1st time.
He is so calm an reassuring an easy to get along with I couldn’t have done it it without him as I was very nervous when started.
Best instructor around would highly recommend to family and friends.

Kim T - Cleckheaton

Passed 1st Time

I will be recommending Stuart to everyone, great instructor made me feel at ease and always gave great advice, i passed first time and couldn't be happier thanks again for all your help Stuart!!!!

Michelle S - Morley

Passed 1st Time

Fantastic brilliant patient I seriously never thought I would take my test let alone pass it and can honestly say I wouldn’t have done without Stuart Thanks xxx

Stef W - Batley

Passed 1st Time

Bloody fantastic and patient bloke highly recommend him to anyone best instructor about, Thanks Stuart xxx


Nick H - Morley
Passed 1st Time

5 months ago I had never driven a car. My very 1st lesson Stuart had me driving on quiet roads. Every week after that my confidence grew down to Stuarts excellent tuition. We had a good laugh along the way too, he has a good sense of humour and puts you at ease from the very 1st time you get in the car. I am very pleased to say that I passed my driving test 1st time today. Without hesitation I would recommend Rev and Go. No messing about talking for most of the lesson get in the car and go!!!. Thank you Stuart.

Martin H - Brighouse
Passed 1st Time

Brilliant tuition and thorough instruction. I`m eternally grateful to Stuart for helping me to pass my test and I have no hesitation in recommending Rev and Go to hopeful drivers looking for excellent guidance and confidence begins the wheel.
I started in my 40`s and was unsure wether I would be too old but Stuart has a great knack of providing consistent instruction whilst always keeping the atmosphere friendly.
Should you want to get through your learning experience with technique, knowledge and momentum then this is the place for you

Amanda T - Mirfield
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so so much for your patience and getting me a pass on test day ! Would recommend again and again to anyone needing to drive in an auto. Thanks again Stuart. XXX

Maisie P - Wyke
Passed 1st Time

I would like to say a massive thank you to Stuart for giving me the confidence I needed to pass my test first time. He was extremely patient but also made me feel at ease if I was nervous/made a mistake at all. He was also great at calming my nerves on the day of my test and I don`t think I would have passed if I`d have gone with any other instructor! Thanks Stuart! :)

Lauren H - Morley

After starting with another Instructor that spent all his time on the phone I found Stuart, I want to say a massive thankyou to for helping me pass my test. Really supportive, nice and gave me a massive confidence boost when taking my test. Absolutely amazing experience having him as my instructor! Thanks Stuart!

Tracy M - Birstall
Passed 1st Time

For all of you that know me knows how scared I was to do my lessons but I finally started them this year, I passed my theory the first time and today I passed my test the first time. I´m so proud of myself cause I didn´t think I could do it but my instructor had faith in me. I´m so glad I had Stuart Wilkinson to teach me I obvs couldn´t of done it without you, so thank you so much´re a star!

Jenny H - Batley

Thanks Stuart for getting me through my test, you´ve helped boost my confidence so much since I started lessons with you, really couldn´t have done it without you and would recommend you to anyone, Thanks Jenny xxx (Last pupil to pass the old style driving test)

Brian & Tammi H - Batley

"Thank you for your time and patience, We were not always the most confident couple, but you encouraged us both to the end! I honestly don´t think we would have passed our driving tests without you. You are a great instructor who I would recommend to others. Thanks a million. Tammi and Brian" (Comment from Tammi, Brian knows when to keep quiet) Both passed with Stuart.

Laura S - Batley

Thank you so much Stuart you have been the most amazing and patient instructor, even with my second guessing myself you always knew I could do it!! couldn´t have done this without you....I will highly recommend you to everyone!! Thank you soooo much

Beverley B - Bradley
Passed 1st Time

There are no words I can think of to describe such an amazing instructor. I had zero confidence when I first met Stuart. In such a short period of time learning with him has changed my life not only just for driving and I can´t thank him enough for all the time and effort he has put into helping me and wow I passed first time I never thought that would be possible.

Floret M - Liversedge
Passed 1st Time

I have no words to describe how l feel right now, I am so over the moon for passing my test first time in an automatic car. I couldn´t have done it without you Stuart, thank you for your time and patience. You are really a good teacher, you took your time to simplify things for me and kept me calm always. Keep on with the good work you are doing. Thank you so much.

Alex D - Birstall

I am over the moon to have finally passed my test, after 10 years on and off with many instructors learning manual I really struggled, Confidence was a big thing for me. I finally decided to have one last go using an automatic instructor. Stuart put me at ease immediately and understood my personality, with his patience and support I passed in under a year never thought I would get there so quickly.

Adam G - Roberttown
Passed 1st Time

Thank You for all your help, couldn´t have passed without you, best driving instructor i´ve learned with and highly recommended.

Declan T - Morley
Passed 1st Time

Thanks a lot Stuart. You´ve done a quality job of teaching me how to drive and I´ll be sure to recommend you.

Rachel A - Morley
Passed 1st Time

I had absolutely no driving experience at the age of 34 & Stuart helped me build my confidence & pass my test FIRST TIME!
Stuart´s sense of humour made me feel relaxed & we had some good laughs. Great instructor, punctual & very patient. No more buses or struggling with a pram & shopping in the pouring rain Wahoo! I highly recommend Rev and Go to anyone. A massive thank you & see you soon for some motorway lessons, thanks again Rachel

Roisin M - Morley

Thank you Stuart for helping me pass my driving test. You have been so patient. At times I never thought I´d do it but you helped me with my confidence..I´m so happy. Thank you.

Michael E - Mirfield
Passed 1st Time

Rev and Go !! Professional, punctual and patient ! Stuart helped me pass my theory and practical test first attempt in only 3 months ! I would highly recommend Stuart to anybody novice or already experienced in learning to driving. Thank you Stuart. Mike.

Yvette C - Cleckheaton

Thankyou Stuart I would recommend Rev and Go Automatic Driving School to everyone, you never gave up on me even when I was doubting myself so thanks again.

Harry C - Mirfield
Passed 1st Time

Thank you Stuart, for absolutely everything! I´ve had a great time learning with you! We´ve had some incredible moments and good laughs! Definitely recommend you to everyone I know! Thank you again!

Sara Y - Cleckheaton

Thank you so much Stuart for getting me through my driving test! And putting up with me for so long! Your a great driving instructor.

Alice M - Cleckheaton

We got there in the end!! Thank you for giving me confidence in myself as a driver, being ever so patient! Will definitely be recommending you to friends and family Thank you!! xxx

Jackie H - Bailiff Bridge
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Stuart you have been patient and kept a sense of humour thought the learning to drive project, Would recommend to anyone thinking of learning thank you jackie

Lee F - Gomersal
Passed 1st Time

Thank you Stuart for getting me through my test FIRST TIME!! YOU´RE THE BEST!! Thanks for all your hard work and patience. Weve certainly had some laughs, will miss our drives. Top instructor!!

Aysha H - Brighouse
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for your patience and professionalism Stuart. I started out incredibly nervous and anxious but with your support I passed first time! Thank you for putting up with me!

Yvonne B - Batley
Passed 1st Time

Cant thank u enough Stuart ye a star for putting up with me, and I will recommend you to everybody i know, Down fall gona miss our laughs xxx

Merissa E - Morley
Passed 1st Time

Thank yooooouu, what can I say ? Top instructor!! See u soon for a couple of motorway lessons anyways!!

Cheree B - Cleckheaton

Just want to say a big thank you to Stuart for everything he has done to help me pass my test, I will miss my lessons and you have been a lovely driving instructor I would recommend you to anyone xx

Annabelle T - Morley

Thank you very much for helping me Stuart! It´s taken a lot of patience but we´ve got there in the end! See you soon for Motorway lessons xx

Anne F - Batley

Passed 1st Time

A big thank you Stuart for helping me pass my driving test first time, lots of laughs, tears, but your the very best thank you so very much xx

Katrina S - Scholes

Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for helping me pass my driving test, your support and patience has been brilliant, I really do appreciate all what you have done, thanks again ..

April B - Morley

Just want to say a big thank you to Stuart for all your hard work you have done for me and putting up with me lol, we have had some really good laughs I am grateful for everything and looking forward to motorway lessons and I highly recommend him such a pleasure to work with.XXX

Niroshini S - Liversedge
Passed 1st Time

When I started learning with Stuart I had no confidence in me whatsoever, I thought I would never pass but he taught me in ways that I would remember and adapted to my ways of remembering things, He´s so helpful and friendly and teaches in a way where you will remember and learn so quickly, Even when I said let´s move my test he said no as he had more faith in me than I did and I passed first time.

Alice G - Birstal
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much Stuart, for putting up with an extremely nervous driver and finally giving me the confidence to pass my test when many other instructors couldn´t! Thanks again and see you soon for some motorway lessons,

Tina T - Heckmondwike
Passed 1st Time

I just want to say thank you so much for your patience, I´m going to miss our Saturday mornings putting the world to rights and the laughs.

Emma K - Batley
Passed 1st Time

I´d like to take the opportunity to thank Stuart for teaching me to drive. He demonstrated patience and professionalism throughout all my lessons. He made it a pleasure to learn to drive, and we had a lot of laughs on the way. He remained calm when I did not, and was motivating and enthusiastic which kept me going. He is an amazing driving instructor, and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Tim B - Scholes
Passed 1st Time

Thankyou for everything you´ve done it was very easy and relaxing learning to drive with you, don´t think I could of found anyone better, Thankyou again and I´ll make sure to wave when I see you on the road

Tammy K - Cleckheaton
Passed 1st Time

I highly recommend Rev & Go Automatic Driving School, Stuart´s a brilliant instructor and a great guy.

Shonagh W - Brighouse
Passed 1st Time

Thank you to the best driving instructor ever!!!! I know it was probably hard to put up with me at times. I´m over the moon xx

Sherree C - Cleckheaton

Stuart is a Brilliant driving instructor, he´s professional, motivated and helped me build my confidence in a short space of time. Before long I had found myself passing my test.
I would recommend him to other learner drivers for sure, thanks again Stuart xxx

David B - Brighouse
Passed 1st Time

Thank you Stuart for the confidence you have given me in my driving lessons and helping me to pass my test first time, excellent.

Michael Whitelock - Mirfield
Passed 1st Time

Thanks bud for helping me achieve my dream, a lot safer than my Motorbike, will buy you a pint next time I see you about, Thanks again

Leia N - Rastrick

Thank-you Stuart for your patience. Never thought I´d be able to do it, but you made it possible. Thanks again :)

Shelley R - Ravensthorpe

I wanna say a big big thank u to Stuart 4 helping me get through n pass my test..his a great instructor..always up 4 a laugh.thanx Stuart xxxx.

Eri G - Cleckheaton
Passed 1st Time

Thank you for everything Stuart, I couldn´t have passed without you! I enjoyed every lesson, we had lots of laughs and I had some tears. I was scared of driving but you gave me confidence. Thank you very much!

Cody S - Mirfield
Passed 1st Time

Thanks so much for everything! You don´t have to put up with my moaning now lol, see you soon for some Motorway lessons xxx

Martyn L - Batley
Passed 1st Time

Big thank you to Stuart for getting me through my test and helping me pass first time! I had lessons previously with a different driving school and used to dread them and didn´t feel like I was getting anywhere. Found Stuart on Google I´m so glad he was! Not only did he help me with my confidence, he helped me understand the reasons for things and best of all he is a laugh! Thank you Stuart, would recommend to anyone!

Ann Marie L - Batley

I was scared of roundabouts...Junctions...Traffic lights...Other cars every thing that was on the road! But with your patience and kindness I conquered all those fears and finally passed my driving test ... I will definitely recommend you to anybody that is looking to learn to drive.. Thanks for everything Stuart I don´t think I could have done it without you.

Rachael T - Mirfield
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Stuart for being a great instructor and agony uncle, your experience (and sense of humour) really helped to put me at ease during lessons and getting ready for my test xx

Alexandra H - Dewsbury

Thankyou for all your help and support and helping me pass my test, could never have done it without you, Thanks Again

Karen B - Driglington
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Stuart, I could not have done it without your fantastic tuition, see you soon for some Motorway lessons xxx

Tammy B - Low Moor

Thank you for all your help and putting up with me hahaha xxx

Rosie S - Batley
Passed 1st Time

Stuart is a fantastic driving instructor. He is patient and encouraging. I´m so glad I picked him from the start! Even though I struggled to commit to lessons due to work he helped me to remain focused and I passed my test first time!!! Thank you so much Stuart your a star!!

Simone J - Dudley Hill
Passed 1st Time

Thanks for being such a patient instructor, can´t believe I passed first time, all thanks to you!! Looking forward to doing some motorway driving soon !! xxx

Alison E - Low Moor
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Stuart you´ve been a star for putting up with my stupid nerves!! xx

Isabel S - Hipperholme
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for the driving lessons, wouldnt have been able to pass first time if it wasnt for all your help and support Isabel XXX

Michelle C - Heckmondwike
Passed 1st Time

Can´t thank you enough for all your hard work and patience in teaching me how to drive and getting me through my test ! you have been an amazing driving instructor and have become a great friend Michelle xxx

Gemma B - Low Moor
Passed 1st Time

Thank you Stuart u been a fab instructor dead happy I passed first time see you soon for some Motorway lessons xx

Donna K - Brighouse

A big thank you to Stuart at Rev and Go for his patience, he taught me for over a long period and I have gone from a nervous driver with no confidence to a confident one, I would not recommend anyone else, thanks again Donna.

Jessica J - Birstal
Passed 1st Time

After several driving tests (not with Stuart) and lots of disappointments Stuart boosted my confidence and finally got me through my test, thank you very much and see you soon for some Motorway lessons XX

Susan C - Cleckheaton
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Stuart for helping me on my way to fulfilling my dreams of passing my driving test, great instructor and I passed first time at my age, see you soon for some motorway lessons.

Emma K - Morley
Passed 1st Time

Thank you so much for all your help in helping me pass first time. I cannot recommend Stuart enough. He´s friendly, punctual and a good teacher! No more buses... yay! Xx

Jordan C - Brighouse

Cheers Stuart, You´ve been a great instructor I´m so pleased to have passed!

Deborah H - Cleckheaton
Passed 1st Time

First class tuition from start to finish. Patient, Friendly & Punctual. Thank you so much Stuart. xx

Sophie B - Cleckheaton

Thank you for your guidance, support and most of all PATIENCE ! and for most of all finally getting me past my test ! all the best ! love Sophie (officially your worst pupil at left reverse) XXXX

Sarah-Jane R - Bradley (Huddersfield)
Passed 1st Time

Thank you! And thank you again for your fantastic tuition passed with only one driver fault, Stuart ill Definitely recommend you to all my friends XX

Amy S - Cleckheaton
Passed 1st Time

PASSED FIRST TIME!!!!! Beep beep get me on that road 3 minors too big thanks to my papa who taught me from scratch and Stuart for getting rid of my habits

Deborah E - Cleckheaton
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Stuart for helping me pass!!!! Couldn´t have done it without you, see you in a few weeks for some Motorway lessons

Clare Sarah O - Birstal
Passed 1st Time

Thank you for teaching me your a fab instructor I´m so happy I can finally drive all thanks to you Stuart XXX

Cheryl L - Driglington

I want to say a massive thanks to Stuart for helping me pass my test. Really supportive, nice and gave me a massive confidence boost when taking my test. Absolutely amazing experience having him as my instructor! Thanks Stuart! :)

Karen R - Batley
Passed 1st Time

Thanks for being so patient..still in shock but looking forward to getting out and about. see you in a few weeks for some motorway lessons when its all sunk in XXX

Nicola S - Lowmoor
Passed 1st Time

I had a failed test in the past with a different driving school. I got a new top instructor Stuart! And passed first time with him. Amazing and brilliant instructor. Very very happy XX

Jerome A - Morley
Passed 1st Time

I passed test first time with Stuart, he is fantastic and the prices are very reasonable for the quality of the teacher! I am so pleased I chose him! I would recommend to anyone!

Samantha Louise S - Brighouse
Passed 1st Time

Oh my god!!!!! Just passed my driving test first time!!! Holy hell! Dunno what to do with myself, thank you Stuart Wilkinson you have been amazing and can´t thank you enough! Roll on pass plus your not getting rid of me yet XX

Natasha L - Morley

My self-confidence as a learner driver was close to zero when I had my assessment done by Stuart. I had some lessons with another driving school but instead of boosting my morale, they just made me feel helpless and hopeless so I made the switch. Stuart my driving instructor was just perfect! Stuart´s very patient and professional and he has excellent teaching methods. He corrected my mistakes without criticizing and I ended up becoming better and more confident after each session. Thanks again Stuart xxx (First pass in new car)

Claire Louise D - Heckmondwike

Hiya Stuart thank you so much for getting me though my test I never thought id do it but I did thank you so much hope to see you soon for some motorway lessons xx

Alice Rose O - Cleckheaton

Thank you Stuart for all your support, patience and faith I couldn´t have done it without you. I´m so glad that I finally opted to try an automatic and I haven`t looked back since! Another "un-teachable" pupil passed thank you!!

Kate G - Brighouse
Passed 1st Time

Thanks Stuart for helping me get through my test 1st time don´t think I would have done it without your help, still don´t believe it.

Bobby-Lee R - Brighouse
Passed 1st Time

Eeeeeek OMG just Passed my Driving Test first time eeeeeek Canni believe it :-)))))) What started off as a bad day has just turned into one of the best ever!!!! Thank you so much to my driving instructor Stuart for helping me pass :-))) Im sooooo shocked & made up I DID IT WAHOOOOOOOO Stuart Wilkinson xxx

Melanie M - Heckmondwike

Thanks Stuart for been patient with me and fulfilling my dream and see you soon for some Motorway lessons.

Seema R - Cleckheaton

Dont think I would have ever passed my test without Stuart what a fantastic and patient instructor, I would recommend him to anyone Thanks again Stuart.

Charlotte C - Birkenshaw
Passed 1st Time

I said when we started our lessons earlier this year that I wanted to pass before the kids broke up from school for the summer term, we did it and looking forward to lots of days out with kids thanks again Stuart.

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