Our courses are designed to meet different experience levels so that you can find the perfect fit. In summary the courses we offer are:

5 Hours Refresher Course
Was your test ready within the last 2 months? If so our shortest course is perfect you. It will focus on familiarising yourself with the new car and polishing manoeuvres up to standard. Price £200.00

10 Hours Refresher Course
Driven confidently with family or friends? Recently been for a test? If you failed with only a few serious faults this may be the course for you. The focus will be to work in 1 or 2 areas of weakness and build your confidence. Price £400.00

15 Hours Refresher Course
Don't feel confident behind the wheel? Feel like you need to improve on a few areas before being test ready? If so this is the course for you. We'll help you iron out those last areas holding you back from passing! Price £600.00

20 Hours Intermediate Course
Had 20 hours previously with a driving instructor? Or driven with family and friends but not done manoeuvres or worked on your Mirror, Signal Manoeuvre? if you have good control of the car but need help with roundabouts or manoeuvres this is the course for you. Price £800.00

25 Hours Intermediate Course
Had some lessons years ago then took a break? Didn't feel like you was making much progress? In this course the focus will be on getting you up to standard in the areas you've covered before, teaching you what you haven't yet covered and practicing the skills to enable you to pass your test! Price £1000.00

30 Hours Intermediate Course
Had around 10 lessons with an instructor? Want to pass quickly and not by doing 1 hour a week? This course will teach you the skills you'll need to pass your test including a refresh of all the manoeuvres. Price £1200.00

35 Hours Beginner Course
This is a beginner course for those who have an interest in driving, understand the basic controls and may have driven an hour or two with their parents or even tried manual and it wasnt for you! This course may also suit a very confident beginner. Price £1400.00

40 Hours Beginner Course
Beginner course for a confident and quick learner. This course can be done intensively within 4 weeks or spread over a longer period should you wish! You'll learn all the skills needed to pass your test at your pace, Price £1600.00

45 Hours Beginner Course
DVSA Recommend 45 hours of tuition with an instructor and 22 hours private. This is the ultimate driving course to take you from a green license to pink in just a few weeks! It can be tailored to your pace. Price £1800.00